Quotes from Season2

Every time i finish a book – whiskey, weed, and Warren Zevon. It’s the little things.

No time like the present.

I can write anywhere… Or not, as the case may be, which is not the case.

Can I get a jumbo “what the fuck were you thinking?”

I suddenly understand the appeal of cigarettes and alcohol.

Maybe we should have some sex, just fuck through the pain.

At the end of the day, it’s all about her. It’s always been about her

I like it here. It’s nice. The sun is chirping. The birds are shining. The water’s wet. Life is good, sweetheart. Life is good.

You can’t stop a girl fight. You might accidentally hit one of them.

You have to squeeze one out of the chamber, let the good stuff come through.

Things fall apart. They break. That’s life.

No matter what you did, don’t give up. Do not give up. Because if she loves you, she’ll forgive you.

There is no life without love. None worth having, anyway.

Integrity. That’s a fine quality in a mistress.

Not everyone is freakishly tall!

Here’s a thought. Maybe the two people in this conversation who have never been married should shut the fuck up and not pass judgment on the one who has.

It’s recently come to my attention that men cannot be trusted.

It’s gonna take that dude 15 years before he realises what he’s missing. He’s missing a lot, because you’re fucking magic. If that’s too long to wait, I can get Lemmy from Motorhead to cut off his cheeks with a straight razor.

I’m offering you sex, and you want to talk? Has the earth spun off its axis?

A great father is a guy that gives it all up for his family and leaves his self-destructive bullshit at the door.

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